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IPH-GH: Global Heath Studies

This course provides a general introduction to the multidisciplinary field of global health.  “Global Heath Studies” builds on Introduction of Public Health to explore Public Health issues from a global and comparative perspective.

It considers the roles that cultural anthropology, clinical medicine, and public health play in efforts to understand and ameliorate health problems around the world and in diverse settings.

The course explores the global burden and distribution of disease and mortality, the underlying determinants of health disparities and inequalities, the international development and role of policies and institutions, and the complex impacts and outcomes of medical and public health interventions.

IPH-GH introduces students to important social theories in global health, delves into close-up case studies, and stresses the importance of how society and culture influence health and illness.

Various GH issues and actors are discussed. including vaccines, malaria, reproductive health issues, etc.The course’s overall objective is to provide the students with a graduate-level introduction to Global Health Studies using the most relevant and widely-adopted textbook to ensure adequate international professional exposure.

Upon completion of this course, the student is expected to able to:

– discuss specific global health issues at the graduate level

– discuss and research issues after the student’s own sphere of interest

– discuss and evaluation policies and their outcomes

– discuss longer-term challenges and perspective in global health.

Course Instructor:

This is course is supervised by a primary instructor/faculty member and may also be served by a backup instructor.

The International Faculty Coordinator will confirm the assignment. Do not contact any instructor prior to LMS enrollment with faculty assignment confirmed.