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EDU-DES: Instructional Design for E-Learning

This course covers the methodology, skills, and techniques necessary for developing effective eLearning solutions.

Its goal is to provide the foundation for instructional development. In this course, students will:

  • Explore current theories, principles, methodologies, and techniques of online learning
  • Create interactive eLearning solutions that meet your learners’ needs
  • Gain strong knowledge and skills to design eLearning interactions that increase learning effectiveness and decrease costs
  • Credit value: 3 (US standard) | 6 (ECTS standard)
  • Indicative duration (full time): 4-6 weeks
  • Indicative duration (part-time): 5-8 week
  • Certificate: Yes
This course is based on standard EUCLID methodology. Students may refer to the following resources:

Academic Guidelines (HQ version)
Academic Guidelines (most recent version even if unofficial)
Student Orientation Guidelines (most recent version even if unofficial)
Zotero instructions for EUCLID students

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate eLearning courses
  • Use various methods and techniques to conduct needs-analysis for your eLearning courses
  • Create design documents, storyboards, and prototypes
  • Develop effective assessment tools
  • Design interactivity, games, simulations, job aids, and graphics
  • Effectively collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Select appropriate eLearning tools
  • Manage your eLearning projects effectively and efficiently using traditional and agile methodologies
  • Ask critical questions related to eLearning design
  • Select appropriate performance improvement interventions
  • Create eLearning portfolio
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and creativity related to eLearning instructional design.
Some of the course material is provided in PDF format. Textbooks include:

  • Essentials of Online Course Design
  • Design for How People Learn
  • Instructional Design for Learning

Course Instructor:

This is course is supervised by a primary instructor/faculty member and may also be served by a backup instructor.

The International Faculty Coordinator will confirm the assignment. Do not contact any instructor prior to LMS enrollment with faculty assignment confirmed.