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ECO-DEV: Economic Development

Economic Development is a broad topic with possibly controversial aspects, such as political economics. To ensure a wide coverage using generally accepted principles, as main textbook for the course, EUCLID has selected the now classic textbook Economic Development by Todaro and Smith. This text covers:

  • Principles and Concepts: Economics, Institutions, and Development: A Global Perspective; Comparative Economic Development; Classic Theories of Economic Growth and Development; Contemporary Models of Development and Underdevelopment.
  • Problems and Policies: Domestic: Poverty, Inequality, and Development; Population Growth and Economic Development: Causes, Consequences, Controversies; Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration: Theory and Policy; Human Capital: Education and Health in Economic Development; Agricultural Transformation and Rural Development; The Environment and Development; Development Policy-making and the Roles of Market, State, and Civil Society.
  • Problems and Policies: International and Macro: International Trade Theory and Development Strategy; Balance of Payments, Developing-Country Debt, and Issues in Macroeconomic Stabilization; Foreign Finance, Investment, and Aid: Controversies and Opportunities; Finance and Fiscal Policy for Development; Some Critical Issues for the Twenty-First Century.

The objective of this course is to provide a solid theoretical and practical foundation to understand economic development in terms of domestic / international, micro / macro concepts and policies.

Upon completion of this course, the student is expected to able to:

The student is conversant with fundamentals of:

 Microeconomics as applicable to EcoDev

 Macroeconomics as applicable to EcoDev

 Classic theories and EcoDev factors

 The role of the market

 International factors

 Linguistic factors

 Cultural and possibly religious factors

Course Instructor:

This is course is supervised by a primary instructor/faculty member and may also be served by a backup instructor.

The International Faculty Coordinator will confirm the assignment. Do not contact any instructor prior to LMS enrollment with faculty assignment confirmed.