EUCLID’s LMS platform has evolved since the launch of the Euclid Consortium initiative in 2007. A proprietary aspect of the platform manages all applicants, students, programs, courses, curricula and individualized study road-maps.

EUCLID also relies on the Award-winning cloud-based repository Egnyte to manage its secure e-Library. Finally, EUCLID has developed a Learning Management System inspired by Coursera, which manages EUCLID’s acclaimed course syllabi.

EUCLID’s LMS platform is called “ELEMENTS” to honor the epoch-making textbook authored by the Greek mathematician circa 300 BC.


Preparing Expert Leaders for International Civil Service and Global Careers

  • Quiz Template

    This is the current Word template for all EUCLID Quizzes. It is important to note the following: 4 plausible answers should be provided The correct answer should be in bold, ideally with a page number reference to the EUCLID material A footnote should be used......

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  • Turabian In-Text Citation Formatting

    Turabian Style: In-Text (Parenthetical) Citations & Reference List The Turabian citation style offers two different documentation systems. Writers in the natural, physical, and social sciences commonly employ a system that links in-text author and date information with a reference list: (IT) In-Text Author & Date......

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  • Turabian Footnote Citation Formatting

    Turabian Footnote/Endnote Style Table of Contents: Books E-books Journal Articles (Print) Journal Articles (Online) Magazine Articles (Print) Magazine Articles (Online) Newspaper Articles Review Articles Websites For More Help The examples in this guide are meant to introduce you to the basics of citing sources using......

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  • Academic Paper Checklist

    EUCLID providesĀ a checklist that should be used to validate all submissions / assignments prior before they are uploaded to the LMS and emailed to the instructor and faculty coordinator....

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  • Academic Paper Samples

    EUCLID provides below a selection of samples RPs (Response Papers) and MPs (Major Papers). These are not offered as perfect models but rather as examples of accepted submissions. 20090212013008_560[1]...

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